« What you see defines who you become »

Alpagota is an original universe of screencare objects to enhance your digital viewing experience.
Our journey starts with clean screens for clear minds.

Alpagota screen cleanser Eau d'écran à la fleur d'oranger
Screen cleanser doing the job properly right,
our Eau d’écran leads to visual delight.
Exceptional cleaning textiles with Japanese might,
our Carré de poche brings screens to better light.
Fine screen polishing textile
Et cetera
90,00 €
Fine screen cleanser
Eau d’écran à la fleur d’oranger

50,00 €
Fine screen polishing textile

90,00 €
Fine screen polishing textile
Ground Control

90,00 €

We all spend on average 7 hours per day looking at screens.
Alpagota cares expertly for their conditions and your viewing pleasure.

Screencare /skriːnkeə/ Noun
Developed in collaboration with optical specialists,
our caring routine goes beyond the screen.
We created Alpagota in the belief that we should
be mindful about what we see in the digital space.

Swipe, scroll, tap, pinch & clean consciously.


“A new care we didn’t know we needed.”


“It works perfectly, and now we’re obsessed.”


“Fresh, useful & mindful. A new kind of essential.”


“I love when people create what the world needs next.”